A visit from Dr. James Galloway ’66

Dr. Galloway is most recognized from his research of "The Nitrogen Cascade">>My interview with Dr. James Galloway, ’66<<

Greetings readers!

This post is a treat in many ways.

Last week, our campus was graced with a visit from Whittier College Alum Dr. James Galloway, graduating class of 1966. He was here to receive the Poet Award for Alumni Achievement for his studies of the Nitrogen Cycle.

During his stay-quite a ways from the University of Virgina where he serves as Associate Dean for the Sciences-Dr. Galloway did his fair share of student engagement as he visited multiple science classes (including my own Environmental Science 100), had lunch with students at Harley House, and even held a fireside chat in the Dezember Alumni House where I was able to snag this interview.

During his talks, he spoke not only of his reputable research of the Nitrogen cycle, but of his enlightening and unexpected career path following Whittier College where he received a B.A. in Chemistry and Biology. He received his Ph.D in Chemistry at the University of California, San Diego.

Galloway has been called both a “pioneer and an exceptional leader”on global biogeochemical issues focusing on documenting and understanding the massive changes that are occurring in the global nitrogen cycle both through his own research as well as fostering a major international effort. He has authored over 200 articles, book chapters, reviews and reports with over a half dozen of them in Science and Nature magazines.

But his most recent success is the development of a website you all should check out! Dr. Galloway and his colleagues have a developed a site where you can calculate the size of your Nitrogen footprint, much the same way you might have measure your Carbon one. The calculator, launched in February 2011, is a project of the International Nitrogen Initiative (INI), a global network of scientists who share research and data on the nitrogen dilemma. Galloway was the founding chair of INI.

For information about Dr. Galloway’s work, check out this website-The Nitrogen Cascade– where you can find links to his publications and information about how humans have influence the Nitrogen cycle.

Thanks for reading (and watching)!

-Emily Baeza

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My name is Emily Baeza and I am currently a frizzy-haired junior in the Whittier Scholars Program, pursuing a major in “activist writing”. I love my puppies, good Mexican food, marching band, and my wonderful friends and family. When I’m not working/studying, I’m with the awesome environmental club RAE (Raising Awareness for the Environment) or doing something or other in the fabulous music building. Thank you for stopping by my posts! I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them for all of you. Take a look around and know that feedback is always welcome, and even encouraged. My Whittier education has taught me that no man is an island, so join the conversation!


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